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Welcome to Ayers Rock Abode, a beautiful family home located in Launceston Isle, one of the most picturesque regions of Aussie Shores. Launceston Isle is inspired by the beautiful temperate climate and scenery of Tasmania and South Australia, making it a unique and breathtaking region that stands out from the rest.

This ONSU house is a must-see for anyone looking for a spacious and beautifully designed home that boasts plenty of natural light. Nestled amongst high pine trees and situated on top of a small hill, the house offers magnificent views of the lake and beyond. With an unfurnished interior, you have the freedom to decorate it with your personal style and make it truly your own.

Ayers Rock Abode Second life rental unfurnished

Enjoy the stunning exterior of Ayers Rock Abode, complete with a wraparound porch and deck that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. Spend your evenings relaxing on the deck and watching the sunset over the Great Lake.

With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this house is perfect for families or anyone who loves to have guests over. Beautiful hardwood floors and plenty of windows bring in lots of natural light, keeping the space bright and cheerful. The master suite includes a built-in closet with ample space to store your clothes and personal belongings.

Ayers Rock Abode Second life rental unfurnished

The house’s first floor is spacious and open, featuring an entry/stairwell area, a kitchen with an attached dining area, a library or formal dining room, a hallway leading to the garage, and a spacious living room. This makes it the ideal space for families to spend time together, whether they’re cooking dinner or watching a movie.

On the second level of the house, you’ll find a hallway leading to one of the larger bedrooms, a bathroom, and a stairwell to the third floor. This level is just as impressive as the first, with plenty of space and beautiful design.

Ayers Rock Abode Second life rental unfurnished

Experience the epitome of comfort and relaxation in the master suite, your own private oasis. Indulge in some much-needed self-care in this spacious suite complete with an ensuite where you can soak in a luxurious tub or take a refreshing shower to wash away the stresses of the day.

The cozy bedroom area provides the perfect place to snuggle up with a book or catch up on your favorite TV show. You’ll love waking up to the natural light that floods in through the windows and the stunning views of the surrounding scenery. The beautiful built-in closet provides ample space to organize your wardrobe and store your personal belongings.

Unwind and recharge in the master suite, which features a balcony offering breathtaking views, perfect for relaxing and unwinding. The private deck area on the left side of the suite provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The third floor of this house is like a blank canvas, waiting for you to unleash your creativity and give it your personal touch. Want to turn the medium-sized bedroom into an office space? Go for it.

Need a gym to keep you in shape? The large bedroom is the perfect candidate for the job. And when you’re done with your workout or workday, you can freshen up in the spacious yet cozy bathroom.

So let your imagination run wild and make the third floor of this house your very own fun and funky space.

Ayers Rock Abode Second life rental unfurnished

This stunning house comes with a double garage where you can park your cars. Driving on the sim is a no-go, but we got you covered with bicycles and horse rez stations for some fun and Eco-friendly transportation.

Living in Launceston Isle is a dream come true for anyone who loves nature and breathtaking views. Launceston Isle is a region that offers a unique sense of community that sets it apart from other regions. You’ll love strolling along the paths that wind through the beautiful pine trees, and you may even stop by your neighbor’s house to say hello. The region has a strong sense of community, yet the houses still maintain privacy due to the density of the pine trees. Each home is equipped with a security orb to send away unwanted guests, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. Even though it is built like a community, you do not have to interact with anyone if you don’t want to.

If you’re looking for a new home in Second Life, Ayers Rock Abode is the perfect choice. It’s beautiful, spacious, and located in a fantastic region.

Before heading to the house, be sure to check out this page to ensure it’s available for rent. If it’s already occupied, feel free to visit Launceston Isle, but kindly respect the tenants’ privacy. If you’re eyeing a specific house that’s not currently up for rent, no worries. Click on the Mailbox to join the waiting list and be notified when it becomes available. Alternatively, you can reach out to me personally for any inquiries. Looking forward to welcoming you to our wonderful community.

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