Celebrating 2023 Halloween: A Season of Spooky Fun


Halloween: A Tale of Two Worlds

Celebrating Halloween: A Season of Spooky Fun

Halloween in Real Life vs. Second Life

In the real world, Halloween celebrations can vary significantly depending on where you are. In Australia, for example, Halloween is not as widely celebrated as it is in the United States. Here, it’s mostly the kids who get into the spirit of the holiday, dressing up for trick-or-treating. Adult Halloween parties, a staple in the U.S., are less common Down Under.

Halloween in Second Life: A Season Like No Other

In Second Life, Halloween is a season that many look forward to with great excitement. The virtual world becomes a playground of Halloween festivities, from themed makeup and costumes to parties that fill the social calendar. It’s a season that offers something for everyone, whether you’re someone who can’t celebrate Halloween in real life or simply want to experience the stunning Autumn landscapes that many regions transform into.

Aussie Shores Estates: A Different Kind of Celebration

While we don’t adopt the Autumn theme that’s popular in many Second Life regions, that doesn’t mean Aussie Shores Estates is any less festive. This year, we’re adding a touch of Halloween across all our regions.

Seasonal Contest: Win a Week of Free Rent!

What sets us apart is our seasonal contest exclusively for our tenants. The contest runs throughout the entire month of October, so as long as you’re renting during this month, you’re eligible to participate. Decorate the front entrance of your home in the spookiest or most creative way, and you could win a week of free rent! If you miss this opportunity, fret not; our next seasonal contest will be for Christmas. It’s a fantastic way to experience firsthand the vibrant, interactive environment that Aussie Shores Estates has to offer.

MadPea Hunt

Another exciting feature is the new Halloween hunt from MadPea, called the “Masquerade of Murder Hunt.” This year, you’ll find yourself at a mysterious masquerade ball hosted by Dr. Deadly. The catch? Your party favor is a weapon, and the game is to collect masks from other guests—lose your mask, and you’re out. The hunt is on from October 1st to November 2nd. For more information, check out MadPea’s official website.

While it’s a great way to attract visitors and showcase Aussie Shores Estates, participation can be costly. So, if you’re enjoying your time here and want to contribute, donations are always appreciated—wink, wink!

Celebrating Halloween: A Season of Spooky Fun with MadPea hunt

The Truthball: A Magnetic Island Favorite

One of the unexpected hits at the Cafe on Magnetic Island has been the Truthball. Originally rezzed by a friend during a casual hangout, the Truthball became an instant favorite among our visitors. When it was temporarily removed to save on prims, we immediately received inquiries from guests who missed it. Realizing its popularity, we decided to make it a permanent feature.

This Halloween, we’re spicing things up by adding Halloween-themed questions to the Truthball. It’s a fun way to engage with others and get into the Halloween spirit. We’re also on the lookout for other Halloween-themed games to add to our community spaces, so stay tuned.

Join the Festivities!

Halloween is a season of fun, creativity, and community, both in the real world and in Second Life. At Aussie Shores Estates, we’re excited to bring a slice of that Halloween spirit to our community. Whether you’re a tenant participating in our seasonal contest or a visitor exploring what we have to offer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Get Involved: Your Invitation to a Spook-tacular Season

Don’t miss out on the Halloween fun at Aussie Shores Estates! Come explore our regions, check out our seasonal decorations, and perhaps even find your next virtual home with us. For those interested in the MadPea Hunt, it’s a thrilling adventure you won’t want to miss. And remember, if you enjoy your time here, contributions to keep the fun going are always welcome.

We look forward to celebrating this spook-tacular season with you 🎃🎃🎃


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