Aussie-style themed  region with landscaped rentals and many places to hangout

Koala Beach Babes Second Life

G’day Mate! Welcome to Second Life Australian living experience. Enjoy the Down-Under lifestyle, with Oz-inspired nature & amenities. Enjoy fish and chips while the koalas doze in the trees and the local kangaroos keep you entertained.  Koala Beach has a large public space with different hangouts whether you drop by on your own, with friends or a loved one. The island also accommodates a few rental houses for a peaceful and private lifestyle overlooking the ocean.

Warm sandy beaches to relax  or explore. Beware of the Aussie wildlife though...

Bloody oath, mate.

Koala Beach Hangouts Second Life


Koala Beach region has several hangout spots for you to enjoy by yourself, with friends/family, or a date. All areas are equipped with Chatterterbox and/or MadPea games so you cannot get bored or run out of conversation. Food and drinks are also provided.  Please make sure to grab a notecard from one of the greeters to get a list of our highlited hangout spots.

Koala Beach Rentals Second Life


All houses have been carefully chosen and not one is the same. You''ll own the land so you can have privacy and set up your own media. Each parcel is fully landscaped, has a security orb, and the house is fully furnished for your convenience, but you are welcome to return them to add your own. Please touch the rental box for more info.

What Others Say


It looked intriguing on someones picks, so I flew over to check it out.

I have lived at Koala shores for a number of months now and really love the scenic setting. The landscaping is beautiful and the Australian theme adds to its charm. Having lived on other beach places previously, this has been my favorite, with great positioning of the houses and public spaces that are fun to use. I felt at right at home from the first day, with friendly Australian neighbors and Pris, who is around frequently and willing to help promptly. I love my house, feeling idyllically serene looking out onto the ocean.

Why would you recommend Koala Beach?
Great setting and feels serene, without all the houses crowded together.

July 2018


Beautiful; neighbours are super friendly & welcoming

The house that I had rented was well designed & you can see all the little details & thoughts put into it. It's not overly priced & it's a chilled spot where you can just have your own space & not be bothered by anything happening in the area. Pris is awesome, I had returned the entire house within hours of moving in (because I'm clumsy like that) & she returned it instantly even though our time difference is insane, (I'm from London, SL+8h). She also explained to me the ways of renting land etc since I was new to SL.
What’s your favourite thing about Koala Beach?
-everythingggg, the public space is awesome too - my friends that I have invited have all loved the scenery, layout etc.
If there was anything you would change about Koala Beach, what would it be?
Why would you recommend Koala Beach?
-helll yeaaaaaa! 100%


Love the privacy here, the confidence that I can relax in a peaceful environment

I found Koala Beach through friends! And everyone on the island has welcomed me as a friend, too. The quality of the furniture and landscaping is top-notch. Everything I needed was already right there. Very convenient! The owner is super-friendly and polite, and I always felt values as a member of the community. I love the privacy here, the confidence that I can relax in a peaceful environment while entertaining guests and friends.

If there was anything you would change about Koala Beach, what would it be? I would not change a thing!

Why would you recommend Koala Beach?
Koala Beach is a great turnkey solution to have a superior home experience with the latest accommodations.

July 2018


Having fun while doing business is possible.

Aussies Shores is a work in progress created by Australians with a touch of French background.

Aussie Shores Owner Second Life
Prisqua Newall

Aussie Shores started with a small idea, that developed into something bigger.  Mainly, I rented a homestead because I wanted all the prims to myself, then decided it was a boring idea, although I still wanted lots of prims …
I've no intention of building a huge empire so that I can focus on a more personal approach, and have lots of fun. Quality over quantity. The plan is to have a few sims to represent different Aussie lifestyle aspects.
Aussie Shores has become a big family of friends and I'm so grateful for the amazing people I've met so far and for the ones to come.

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