Unveiling Aussie Shores

Your Dream Virtual Australian Second Life Destination

Second Life Rentals Australian-themed regions

Step into Aussie Shores, a captivating Australian virtual paradise on Second Life.

Unmatched Australian Destination on Second Life

Step into Aussie Shores, a mesmerizing Australian virtual sanctuary on Second Life that spans six unique and intricately designed regions—Koala Beach, The Whitsunday Islands, Newall Sands, Launceston Isle, Magnetic Shores, and the Great Barrier Reef. Our expansive estate captures the rich diversity and captivating essence of Australia’s landscapes and seascapes. Whether you’re looking for a home away from home, a short-term getaway, or just a friendly place to hang out, Aussie Shores offers an authentic Australian experience that beckons you to explore and stay awhile.

Koala Beach

Your Tropical Haven in the Heart of Second Life

Second Life Destination Koala Beach

Koala Beach: A Tropical Beginning

Aussie Shores started its memorable journey with Koala Beach in 2018, a region that now boasts an enticing blend of tropical wonders and homely warmth. Brimming with verdant palm and eucalyptus trees, Koala Beach is your tropical haven where the vibrant foliage dances with the gentle whisper of the ocean breeze.

Set like ten tropical islands, the region offers private, fully furnished homes, which come complete with security orbs for ultimate peace of mind. Sail through the waterways with a variety of water vehicles and explore the regions at your leisure. Stop by our public pool, where we soon plan to offer MyStory compatibility. Residents at Koala Beach often find a sense of community and belonging, with long-term tenants and newcomers forming the heart of this region.

To top it all off, Koala Beach is home to Mahalo, the local club teeming with lively interaction, where you can enjoy a game of Greedy or simply unwind in casual conversations.

For wildlife enthusiasts, you’ll find plenty of koalas, kangaroos,iBis and pelicans wandering the landscapes, perfectly encapsulating the Australian wildlife theme.

Newall Sands

Ride the Virtual Waves of Second Life's Premier Surf Spot

Second Life Destination Newall Sands

Newall Sands: Ride the Waves of Adventure

Next, we venture to Newall Sands, our very own virtual surf region. Embrace the Australian surf culture with the sun-soaked beach, rolling waves, and cool ocean breezes. Four diverse rentals, including two rarely available unfurnished homes and two furnished vacation rentals, offer you the perfect spot to relax after a day of riding the waves.

To satiate your appetite, stop by the local fish and chips shop, or refresh yourself at our soon-to-be MyStory compatible coffee shop. Newall Sands is alive with the spirit of Australia, where the rhythm of the surf and the beauty of the landscape paints an idyllic picture of Australian beach life.

Whitsunday Islands

Experience Virtual Australia's Crown Jewel in Second Life

The Whitsunday Islands: Coastal Luxury Meets Serenity

As we set sail from Koala Beach, we arrive at the stunning Whitsunday Islands. Taking inspiration from the renowned Airlie Beach Resorts, the region offers a stunning display of white sandy beaches, caressed by the turquoise waters that reflect the bright Australian sky.

With six unfurnished rental houses available, you can make your home amidst this coastal paradise or even treat yourself to an unforgettable vacation. The surroundings come to life with roaming kangaroos and pelicans, while the waters may surprise you with an occasional dolphin sighting. For those seeking a thrill, you may find sharks lurking beneath the waves, while the lucky ones may catch a glimpse of whales on the Great Barrier Reef. Immerse yourself in the Australian ambience with the soothing sounds of native birds, creating a symphony that resonates with the Australian soul.

Launceston Isle

Embrace Serenity in Second Life's Virtual Tasmanian Retreat

Launceston Isle: Tranquil Forests and Community Spirit

As we leave the sunny beach of Newall Sands, we find ourselves in the serene, temperate environment of Launceston Isle. A tranquil contrast to the other regions, it captures the essence of Tasmania and South Australia’s calm climates. Picture dense pine forests, inviting pathways leading to spacious homes, and the gentle rustling of leaves whispering stories of this tranquil land.

Eight unfurnished rentals, ideal for couples or families seeking a long-term home, overlook the tranquil waterways or nestle within the forest itself. You’ll find horse rezzers, bicycles, and a couple walkers for exploring the area. Hidden away, you’ll find quiet spots to watch the sunset or sunrise, with black swans gracing the waters and a mother duck and her ducklings adding to the scene’s tranquility.

Experience the Tranquil Beauty of Australian Wildlife and Natural Splendors

Magnetic Island: Your Gateway to Australian Serenity

Flora and fauna here are inspired by Australian ecosystems, although the offerings are limited by what’s available in Second Life. The region features informational signs scattered throughout, offering insights into the native wildlife. For social interactions, chatterboxes are present to encourage meaningful conversations or even casual banter with strangers.

For a more adventurous experience, you can venture to the adjacent Great Barrier Reef region. Magnetic Island also offers a variety of sitting areas for those who wish to relax alone, with a partner, or in a group.

An Underwater Adventure Awaits You in Our Most Mesmerizing Region

Discover the Wonders of the Virtual Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is another crown jewel in the Aussie Shores Estate, offering a virtual deep-dive into one of Australia’s most treasured natural wonders.

Dive into the underwater world, brimming with vibrant marine life and intricate coral formations. Accessible via dolphin rezzer, the reef offers an authentic aquatic experience. Ideal for snorkeling, diving, or simply enjoying the view, this region captures the essence of Australia’s real-life natural wonder.

Aussie Shores isn’t just another virtual estate. It’s a thriving, welcoming community that opens the doors to experiencing a vibrant and authentic Australian lifestyle, whether as a resident or a visitor. With a diverse array of regions, homes, activities, and experiences, Aussie Shores invites you to explore its landscapes, create lasting memories, and establish your home away from home in this virtual Australian paradise.

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Facilities & Transport: All You Need and More

Across all regions of Aussie Shores, we take pride in offering various facilities for our residents and visitors. From the lively club at Koala Beach to several quaint coffee shops and the traditional fish and chips shop, you’ll find places to socialise, unwind, and enjoy the Australian lifestyle.

Moreover, we’re looking forward to welcoming new additions to our community, including a sophisticated coffee shop and an inspiring art gallery. To navigate across the regions, use our TP boards or take a water vehicle for a scenic route. You can even swim alongside our friendly dolphins if you wish to.

Looking for a virtual beach getaway? Look no further than Aussie Shores in Second Life.

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