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The Story behind Aussie Shores

Aussie Shores

Let the Journey Begin

From a homestead to an estate

It all started when I came back to Second Life after many years of absence.

While figuring out everything that was new to Second Life – mesh mainly, I moved into a tiny cabin in one of the Baja sims.

Once I had mastered my new mesh body and head, the lack of space, privacy and the ridiculously low prim allowance became too much. It was time to
look for new sim to call home.

Tranquility Beach here I come.

I was happy on Tranquility Beach. Such a beautiful and peaceful region that I stayed a whole year.

I wanted more out of Second Life, and being a prim whore, to get more of them was tempting. I opted to rent a homestead, and that’s when the realfun started.

Second Life Koala Beach Established 2018
Second Life Koala Beach Established 2018

Koala Beach was born.

A homestead is big enough to share, so I decided to have a couple of rentals and adhere to an Australian theme.

Six months later, I reached the decision to have even more fun with the purchase of a full region which meant more prims for me, more rentals, and more public space.

Since upon buying a region you have to create an estate, Aussie Shores was my name of choice. My vision is to purchase four regions eventually to fullfil my Second Life Australian themed estate.

It became serious business while having fun. Some of my long time friends joined in the ride, and Aussie Shores Estate finally expanded.

Dive into Aussie Shores

Your Ultimate Destination for Second Life Rentals.


The hardest part is to keep up with the Aussie theme as it can be quite difficult to find Australian stuff, be it wildlife, landscape, and houses.

Australia is also a big place, therefore you’ll find trees or animals that live only in some part of Australia. In a perfect virtual world, having one region for each state would be amazing. Although if I take into account all the islands, how may regions would I need? Ten, at least? I can’t foresee that many in a near future, but you never know. They say to dream big …  🤨

The goal of this website is to publicize Aussie shores of course, and all its rentals, but also give our audience more details about each parcels, residential and public spaces – the why, and the how.  It is also to keep track of all the rentals, which I wish I had done from the beginning, as I’ve seen so many people move in, and move out. We’ve also changed the houses for many lots, renamed them for some. Each parcel has its own story.

It’s been quite a journey from my homestead rented through a third party to my own Second Life Estate.

A few times I have been wanting to quit, for different reasons, usually RL getting in the way, but I have so many friends and amazing tenants that they kept me going.

A big shout out to SamSteele who gives brilliant customer support, and has even become quite the in-house decorator – among other things … and a big thank you to everyone in my circle who have been so supportive over the years.

Aussie Shores is here to stay, and can only get better over time with all the ideas we have and the feedback we receive.

On behalf of everyone at Aussie Shores, thank you for reading, and I hope you take the time to visit us.

Looking for a virtual beach getaway? Look no further than Aussie Shores in Second Life.

Hit the waves and catch
some gnarly virtual surf, explore our beautifully landscaped
Aussie-inspired region, or kick back in one of our unfurnished or
semi-furnished rental homes. Come on down to Aussie Shores and let the
good vibes roll.