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Second Life Rentals Australian-themed regions

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Position Status

This section will be updated as needed. If it reads “OPEN,” please proceed with the application process.

A Creative Opportunity Awaits

Are you a photography aficionado with a keen eye for aesthetics? Aussie Shores Estate is looking for a talented Photography Blogger to capture the essence of our estate and community. This is a unique chance to blend your visual storytelling skills with your love for virtual worlds.


  • Post 3-5 high-quality photographs per week. At least two posts/week must be on Flickr, and at least one post/week should be on our official Facebook page, along with at least one Facebook group of your choosing. You may choose to distribute the remaining posts across other platforms like Plurk, Reddit, or any other social media network of your preference. Alternative posting strategies are welcome if you can suggest something better.
  • Engage with your existing follower base to increase visibility for Aussie Shores Estate.
  • Optional: Create video content to supplement your photography.
  • If you have a flair for interior decorating, you’re encouraged to showcase this skill by using your complimentary home as a subject for your decor-focused blogs.
  • Participate in and contribute to the estate’s seasonal events, including helping decorate public spaces if you wish.


  • Must have an active Flickr account, along with at least one other social media platform (Facebook, Plurk, Reddit).
  • Adept at capturing visually appealing photographs, with a portfolio to prove it.
  • Pre-existing follower base on social media platforms.

What We Offer

  • A complimentary rental within our picturesque estate where you will own the land.

How to Apply

IMPORTANT: If you believe you have the creativity and skills for this role, directly contact Prisqua Newall in-world. Submit your portfolio or examples of your work along with your application.

Failure to directly contact us will be seen as an inability to follow instructions, a crucial aspect of this role. Your existing social media presence and follower base will also be considered during the application process.

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