The Evolution of Point Cartwright Cabin: Your Affordable Beach Side Retreat in Second Life


Have you ever dreamed of a beach side getaway without leaving the comfort of your Second Life home? Welcome to Point Cartwright Cabin, a hidden gem in the Newall Sands region. This one-room cabin offers an unparalleled experience of serenity, comfort, and affordability. But before we delve into what makes this cabin so special, let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how it evolved into the perfect beach side retreat.

The Journey

Originally, Point Cartwright Cabin was a part of the landscaping when Newall Sands was first acquired. It quickly became a favorite spot for visitors, prompting us to think creatively about its potential. With limited prims available on a homestead, we initially considered day-to-day rentals. The idea was to offer Second Life residents a weekend escape or a short vacation overlooking the surf.

Point Cartwright Affordable Beach side Cabin in Second Life

The Market Challenge

In Second Life, defining a market can be tricky. Some residents are “prim whores,” while others are content with just 50 prims. Some prefer a fully decorated home with minimal prims, just enough to unpack their belongings. At Aussie Shores, we strive to accommodate everyone, and Point Cartwright Cabin is no exception.

The Makeover

After a long-term tenant moved out, it was time for a makeover. We initially replaced the original, tiny cabin with one from Dutchie, which was a bit too enclosed for a beach home. Eventually, we settled on a design from Scarlet Designs, known for its low prim count. However, a visit to another region reminded us of a house buried deep in our inventory that was perfect for the cabin. And so, the current house from Concept was chosen.

The Name Behind the Cabin: Point Cartwright

The name “Point Cartwright” isn’t just a random choice; it holds a special significance. Point Cartwright is an actual location on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, known for its iconic lighthouse. In the early days of Aussie Shores, we had a lighthouse that was moved around several times before eventually being removed. Despite its scenic location at the top, it never became a hangout spot, leading to its removal. However, the love for lighthouses and the Australian connection remains. While all parcels are generally named after Australian places, sometimes tenant-chosen names take precedence. Who knows, the name might change one day, but the essence of Point Cartwright will always remain.

The Atmosphere

Imagine stepping up a flight of stairs into a one-room cabin, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling open windows and timber shutters. A deck wraps around the cabin, offering panoramic views of Newall Sands Surf, Koala Beach, and distant regions. Even the back of the cabin offers a relaxing atmosphere, with sea views and trees from Konoha that, despite being prim-heavy, are too beautiful to pass up.

Point Cartwright Affordable Beach side Cabin in Second Life

Beach Side Cabin Deal

At just 300L per week, Point Cartwright Cabin is our most affordable rental. It’s the ideal place for those who want to feel like they’re on vacation without breaking the bank.

A Note on Security: The Always-Armed Orb

For the safety and exclusivity of our tenants, Point Cartwright Cabin is equipped with a security orb that is always armed—even when the cabin is not rented. Please be advised that entering the parcel without paying the rental box will result in an automatic ban. We’ve had to keep the orb armed because we’ve caught folks using the cabin without permission a few times. So, please respect these boundaries. If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to contact Prisqua Newall.

Your Next Destination Awaits

Point Cartwright Cabin has come a long way, but its essence remains the same: a peaceful, affordable, and beautiful retreat. Come experience it for yourself and see why it’s the perfect beach side escape in Second Life.

Ready to catch some virtual waves? Visit Newall Sands for an unparalleled surf experience and take the opportunity to explore the rest of our beautiful estate. Check out our rental availability but please be mindful of rented houses as you explore. If the rental is available and you’re interested, make sure to check our FAQ page on how to rent. If you find your dream home but are concerned about the budget, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Your dream home could be just a conversation away!

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