First, right click on the land to buy it. Then pay the rental box. You can chose to pay weekly or up to four weeks at a time. If you wish to pay monthly through PayPal, send me a request.

When you buy the parcel, you can then control the About Land tab, set up your privacy settings, add a music stream, add a picture, deed the parcel to your group, etc.

Yes, you can pay monthly through PayPal. I can also setup a payment with a credit card if it more convenient. Contact me to discuss an arrangement.

You’re not under contract, so you can leave at anytime. I would really appreciate it though if you would let me know or click on the “won’t renew” option on your rental box.

No. Aussie Shores have specific themes and I’d like to keep it that way, so the houses and landscape cannot be changed. Though if a tree is in the way or you need us to terraform, please contact us in-world. However, please do talk to me or even better, talk to Johnas Merlin to see what you have in mind in regards to changing a house, and we might be able to come up with an arrangement.

Go to your parcel’s About Land, chose the Object Tab, and you will see everything about the prim usage on your parcel.

DO mail me your questions, feedback or suggestions by using the contact page or email me directly at

You can also contact me (Prisqa Newall) in-world or send me a notecard.