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Wildlife in Australia


Wildlife in Australia

I’d like to only add native  and introduced wildlife and plants to Aussie Shores, which has proven to be quite difficult. You can find a lot of animals on Second Life, but it will the more common ones or the fantasy ones.  There are a lot of plants available, so I go to a similar looking if I can’t find the real thing.

That’s why I end up having to use some old looking stuff. The Red Kangaroos are as primmy as if they were Animesh, and as expensive for such old stuff. I’d love and will get the Dingo set at some points.

I’ve started to add some Touch Points  which give little details about the wildlife in Australia if you’re interested to know more.  This is a work in progress as I have to research, collect data and pic, etc. It’s more work than anticipated, but fun.

If you know of anything that is Australian, please contact me or leave details in the comment section. As always, I appreciate feedback, ideas and let me know what you’d like  to see on Aussie Shores.



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Wildlife in Australia

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