Quite some time ago, I over-heard an Australian visitor saying in Local Chat to his companion, “an Australian sim without surf …”

We’ve only ever had the decorative waves, and when I looked into the surf ones, it was overwhelming. Between the prices and the types, and my poor knowledge about surfing, I had no idea what to do. And so I forgot all about it.

I think it was Sam who mentioned it last year, and so I looked again, but I was met with confusion, and let go of the idea once again.

It was then a tenant’s who asked if the current waves were decorative or surf-able. She introduced me to one of her friends who is a surfer. He rezzed one of his waves, so that I could see the space I needed.

There are a lot of Second Life surf pics on Flickr. One resident came to mind, and I was able to track her on Second Life. 

My new UMI Board

Thanks the SL sea Gods,  she was online at the time I messaged her.   🤣

After that, it went quite quick. Even though it felt like she was talking in a language I didn’t understand, she explained the waves, their shapes, what makes them different, and so on.

We visited several SL surf beaches and she introduced more people.

The amount of people who were willing to help was simply amazing.

I opted for the Maoli Waves Tahiti Break. The beach allows you to rezz your own boards, or you can use our surf board rezzers.

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