Second Life Amenities

The many things to do on Aussie Shores

Sometimes hanging out in one of the many Second Life groups on Facebook where chatter is always at full speed, I often  see people complaining about being bored, or no one chatting.  Granted that Local Chat doesn't seem to be widely used as it used to be, but I'm hoping the addition of games in all my the hangout spaces can help with that.

For a better experience, visit with your volume up a bit to hear the Australian ambient sound.

why we do it

Surf waves, boards, boats & wildlife

Surfing is our latest addition for SL surf enthusiasts. It had been a request from visitors, and tenants, so I had to oblige. 

Since the revamp of Aussie Shores, we've done it so that you can use a small boat to explore Aussies Shores. You might also be keen on wind surfing, or you might simply enjoy diving with a dolphin, thanks to our Dolphin Rezzers.

Although swimming is allowed on Aussie Shores, it is at your own risks. You may have heard that Australian Waters are sharks infested, and there are quite a few incidents happening each year, some deadly. The danger of being killed by a shark is also real in Aussie Shores waters ...

Chatterboxes & games

In my opinion, these are underrated. They are simply fun, and the easiest way to spark a conversation. In the past, we've even scheduled events called Chatterbox Sessions, and it was immense fun to answer all  these sometime impertinent questions. You will find in all areas.

We use ones from different brands such as Commoner, Lagom, and Madpea, but I'm always open to add more simple games like that. Contact us if you have any suggestions.

Food & drinks

Although myself I don't do much SL RolePlay, I do like virtual interaction on Second Life. I mean, in RL, we don't stand in the same spot for hours doing nothing, do we? Therefore all places have food and drink dispensers. It is no secret that I love discussing dispensers  😏, and love using them, so I've added some everywhere to add that little touch of Second Life interactivity. Would you go to a bar that serves no beers?

The best way to learn about Aussie Shores is to visit us.