About Land

Some rental estates use group tags to allow tenants to rezz. We just sell you the land because it is easier to set up and gives you more control.

The first thing you should do before paying the rental box, is buy the land.

Once you own the land you have a few options to chose from, and once you own the land no one else can do it for you, not even me as owner of the regions.

The first one is to make sure you don’t leave your land opened for strangers to rezz or for us to see what you’re doing …

It should look like this:

Second Life About Land Options

Where the question mark is, it means there is no texture set up yet. You can drag a picture there and it will show up in the LM if you ever make one.

You can also set a landing point, so that when people TP directly to your home because they have a LM, they will land at a pre-defined location (within your parcel), eg. front door. If the friend created a LM while on your bed and you don’t have a landing point then they will TP to your bed.

If you need your friend to rezz temporary, you can just tick Build and Object entry. Once they’re done, you can uncheck it.

If you have a group, you can share the land with the group and then everyone in the group can rezz without having to change the Build permission.

Note: only me and estate managers can edit the terrain, so don’t worry about that option.

Second Life About Land General

This tab is self-explanatory. Whatever you put in there will mainly reflect what shows up on the LM you create, and of course for people who want to check who owns the parcel.

Click on set if you want to share the land with a group.

Second Life About Land Sound

This field might be blank or there will be a URL. This is where you add a music stream. The best way to find them is to Google “second life music streams” or if you happen to be somewhere you like their music, you can just look at their About Land to see the music stream url for you to copy.

Second Life About Land Objects

This tab will tell you how many prims are available. It’s wise to always leave a minimum of 50 prims available, but I know … it can be difficult ….

Second Life About Land Covenant

The covenant is a set of rules and is updated occasionally. Rules are rules; they don’t really change unless something happened. Don’t forget to read the rental agreement policy which you will find in the covenant too.

At the end of the day, if you’re unsure about something, always contact us. We’re only too happy to help.

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