CasperSafe Security System

Warning: Please do not use your own security system. You will be breaking our TOS and subject to eviction.

All houses on Aussie Shores are equipped with a CasperSafe security orb through which we monitor the estate.

Note: If you have any concerns with stalkers or grievers, please contact Prisqua Newall or SamSteele ASAP and we will deal with it.

Tenant is automatically added as a SubAdmins when you pay rent the first time.

On the mail box, you will an X. Hover over it and pay 1L. This is the Casper Safe Enforcer  and what allows you to ban and kick out people from your home.  Without it, your orb is useless, so make sure you claim it and then hide it underground as you will never need to use it. If you are going to share your land with your group, then you must also share the disc with the group, otherwise the disc will turn red and evictions won’t occur).

SubAdmins are allowed to add/remove avatars to the access list and arm/disarm the security system.

As a SubAdmin you will have access to the following menu items:

  • Access list (to add subadmins, guests and temporary guests)
  • Arm/Disarm/Lockdown
  • Visitor stats

Guest: this option allows you to add permanent guests. Guest level does not come with menu access to the orb.

Temporary: guests are added to the temporary list  and are automatically removed once they leave your home.

Banned: Anyone on the ban list will automatically be ejected upon arrival (only works if enforcer disc has been claimed).

The only issues we’ve ever had were people using private homes for slexing, so please keep your orb armed.

The best way to learn about Aussie Shores is to visit us.