Here’s to 12 new chapters of Koala Beach

2019 was the first year anniversary for Koala Beach, so 2020 will be the second and couldn’t be more proud. What an achievement. Never thought this little project would still be running, but it is, thanks to the great support of friends and new friends and tenants.

I would love to expand in 2020, but at this stage I’m uncertain about the viability of an extra region since this is not a profitable project, only a purely enjoyable, just for fun one, one that I can more or less afford without relying on the rentals.

For now, Koala Beach will remain a friendly place where you can hang out or live, so don’t hesitate to drop by, say hello if you see me there.



How the hell did it snow Down Under?

We do get snow in Australia, just not in summer, so we’re “cheating” a little here, but this is why we have Second Life, isn’t it?

Even though Australia is blessed with a nice weather almost all the time,  the Australian Alps which consist of the states of Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania get snow during winter (June to August).

Check out “Fun ways to experience Australia’s snow season

Being French, I’ve experienced white Christmas. Then I moved to London where there is even more snow than in my French hometown.  When my first Christmas in Australia came, I felt the extreme heat and wanting to lounge around the pool, or walk to the beach. No Christmas spirit. Until I went to the US and saw the snow again. It was February, but it felt as if it was Christmas.

That’s why I decided to remove my skybox to rez a snow cottage instead. I wanted to experience the cold and the snow in my Second Life. And as it wasn’t working exactly as planned, I ended up with a sim wide winter platform which was embraced by current tenants.

How the hell did it snow Down Under?
Some of the homes tenants have rezzed for their winter above the beach.

As a tenant on  Koala Beach, you can now have both: beaches on the ground and a winter hideout high above.

We have also set up a public hangout where you can enjoy eggnog, hot cocoa, play games or enjoy ice skating. Koala Beach members can TP directly with this Taxi while other guests can TP from the landing zone and other obvious spots set up around the region.

Check this link for rentals availability.

At this stage, I said it was a temporary platform, but I wouldn’t mind having a bit of rain after the snow… so it looks like the sim wide platform will stay but the weather might change. What do you think?


Koala Beach Photo Contest

Win & share 8000L in AMAZING PRIZES by showing us how you would spend your time on Koala Beach.

Don’t worry, it’s not about the best photo skills.

Second Life for me, is a medium to have fun first and foremost, therefore this contest is all about having a good time. What’s more, you get a chance to win awesome gift cards that you can use at most SL shopping events.

Your pics will have to be submitted to one of my themed Flickr Groups, tag Prisqua Newall, and title must include #KoalaBeach1stbirthdaycontest. If you have a different name from your SL account please add it to the description. An amusing/interesting story description is optional, but would be nice.

1st Place
2000L Gift card Trompe L’oeil
1000L Gift card RKKN
500L Ardent Poses
Runner up 250L Minimal+250L Chicchica

2nd Place
1000L Gift card thor
1000L Gift card chicchica
500L K&S poses
Runner up 500L gift card vexiin

3rd place
1000L Gift card minimal
500L foxcity Poses
Runner up 500L Gift Card MadPea

Get all the details on Koala Beach

Second Life Hangouts

Wildlife in Australia

I’d like to only add native  and introduced wildlife and plants to Aussie Shores, which has proven to be quite difficult. You can find a lot of animals on Second Life, but it will the more common ones or the fantasy ones.  There are a lot of plants available, so I go to a similar looking if I can’t find the real thing.

That’s why I end up having to use some old looking stuff. The Red Kangaroos are as primmy as if they were Animesh, and as expensive for such old stuff. I’d love and will get the Dingo set at some points.

I’ve started to add some Touch Points  which give little details about the wildlife in Australia if you’re interested to know more.  This is a work in progress as I have to research, collect data and pic, etc. It’s more work than anticipated, but fun.

If you know of anything that is Australian, please contact me or leave details in the comment section. As always, I appreciate feedback, ideas and let me know what you’d like  to see on Aussie Shores.



Second Life Rentals

Two small rentals will be avail soon

Two of my long term tenants are leaving Koala Beach, and it is sad because I don’t have a huge turn over with tenants, so I’m used to see the same people logging in and having random little chats with from time to time.

It also means I have two of my smaller rentals up for grab soon. The Bee house which I’ll probably renamed because it is one of my original parcels since the homestead and Liss has been living in it for about 10 months or more.

Then I have the Bora Bora house  which I probably will also rename. It took me a while to find the perfect beach cabin for this parcel. I was unhappy with the previous which had only be rented a couple of times. As soon as I got this one set up, it was rented within a couple of days. I wish I could have re-textured the wall, but, oh, well, “modify” rights don’t mean much sometimes on Second Life.

Both houses will be furnished as always but you’re welcome to return any of the furniture. You’re allowed to rez a skybox, but since there is very little prims, it’s not recommended.


The new and improved Koala Beach

One year of Aussie Shores Estate is fast approaching and I’m excited. First, it has to be a time of celebration. Second, it amazes me when thinking back about how Koala Beach started and how it looks like now.

Technically, Koala Beach is over a year old as I started by renting a homestead from a rental estate. When Linden Lab announced prices going down for regions, it was the best time to cut off the middle man and get my own on the 13th of July 2018. I had three tenants at the time and they followed suit.

Over the pat year, Koala Beach and the rentals have changed many times. Some say (I wouldn’t dare pointing fingers at Kahlan …) I’m hard to please, but the fact was Koala Beach wasn’t aligned with my vision, and sometimes it is hard to get a vision out of your head.

Fortunately, I have amazing tenants and friends who have helped build a better region. It wasn’t easy and there’s still lots of work to be done – or I always find something to do, but Koala Beach has reached a point where I’m satisfied with it. A few months back, I wasn’t online much because it bugged me

Second Life Rentals

Fisherman’s Shack Rental on Koala Beach

This is one of my favorite small build made by bauwerk at 22769. I saw it when visiting a sim and loved it so much I had to get one. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it on MP for only 500L. Being a Rare gacha, I was expecting to have to pay much more. Mr T was the first one to rent that parcel. Although at the time he was after a small parcel, when I moved Koala Beach from the homestead to a full region, he requested a slightly bigger build. I was then left with the option to add the Fisherman’s shack somewhere else.


I found the perfect spot which is kinda below my house, but still remains as private is it can be, and away from the main areas, so it is a perfect retreat.

A new tenant came in and gave it a complete overall. She only rented to decorate the place, then left a few month later, leaving it decorated.

❤️ how tenant decorated the shack ❤️


The only decor I removed was the remnants of Halloween, expecting the owner to come and clean it up, but she hasn’t. I usually return stuff if left, but she has done such an amazing job, I couldn’t do it.


Aussie Shores Rentals


The rental has approximately 400 prims once you remove all furniture. The build and landscape have to remain. A skybox is allowed. Rental price is 500L per week. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me in-world or via email. I am more than happy to help (if I’m awake and close to my computer).

Second Life Rentals

About Rental Payments

Last night, we realised we had a squatter. Since she was two months old, we’ll just put it on her lack of knowledge as being a noob…  She claimed the parcel and set-up house without paying rent. Honest mistake, right?

This is the correct procedure for getting a private parcel.

Claim the land by paying the 100L, then pay the rental box. Standard rental terms are weekly. Monthly PayPal  rental subscriptions are also available on request. by contacting Prisqua Newall in-worl or use contact from here.

Have a great day.